Aino Joro to strengthen the defense of the Saints

Aino Joro to strengthen the defense of the Saints

Tampere Saints will receive a national team level reinforcement with Aino Joro joining the team’s defense. Joro, who represented Raision West Coast Phoenix in the 2022 Women’s Maple League and was a member of the Finnish national team that won bronze at the World Championships in Vantaa last summer, said that the decision to play for Tampere in the 2023 season was easy:

“I had noticed that Tampere seemed to have a good training atmosphere and there were already familiar faces in the team. After talking with a few players and the head coach in the fall, I decided to come and train with them. But it was the quality of coaching and the team’s work ethic that convinced me to join,” Joro said.

Joro is a well-known name to those who follow the Women’s Maple League, as she placed second in the regular season tackle statistics with a total of 106.5 tackles. Head coach Mikko Aspinen has also noticed Joro’s positive attitude during the off-season:

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“Aino has been part of the team for a few months now and has fit in seamlessly. She brings a good attitude to training and working hard, she demands a lot from herself and is easy to coach as she knows what she could have done better and new techniques and different ways of working have clearly become natural to her.”

Joro has high expectations for the off-season and the approaching summer:

“I expect hard work during the winter training and I can already tell from a few training sessions that next summer we will have a diamond-like team. So, definitely, there will be a lot of rough times for opponents ahead on the field.”

Welcome to the Saints family, Aino Joro!

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Original writer in Finnish: Veera Jalava

Pictures: Tytti Martikainen and Raisio West Coach Phoenix

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