The board of the Tampere Saints is elected for a two-year term.


In the annual meeting in 2022, a new 5-member board was elected, led by Chairman Marko Husu.


On this page, you will find the contact information you need, whether you are an enthusiastic hobbyist, a partner, or a fan. The board members are available to help with any questions related to club activities, or at least direct you to the right contact person.


Don’t be afraid to contact us and let’s get the club’s affairs in order together!”

Marko Husu


“I came to the sport and the winter training of the Saints for the first time in 2005. With a background in track and field, I found a place as a center on the field.


Some of my golden memories include the successful 2007 I-division season of the Saints, the season I played for Valencia Firabats in the Spanish league from 2007 to 2008, the maple league years from 2008 to 2010, and the junior coaching years since 2011. If I had to choose two of the golden ones, they would definitely be the championship games of my juniors in 2012 and 2014. They will never be forgotten.


Due to work and time constraints, I left the field as a player in 2014. My work then took me to the Netherlands, where I decided in 2016 to apply for the (remote) chairman of the Saints after talking to a few background staff and a former chairman. Since then, I have seen this sport from a completely different perspective and have helped build our own Saints within my own capabilities.”

Jarno Jokinen


“I joined the Saints ten years ago through a tryout, where the pace of a novice in their thirties seemed sufficient with the younger players. I played six seasons as a corner defender until my body gave out. Fortunately, after a couple of seasons, the club was willing to give me board responsibility, which I have enjoyed for almost eight years now. It has been a great time where I have seen my own thoughts lead to the development of practices. The best thing about this activity is the gratitude I have received from the club’s members.


My main areas of responsibility are the club’s, men’s and women’s finances. I strive to handle the treasurer’s tasks in a humanistic and uniform and fair way for all hobbyists. I believe that I am easily approachable and absolutely honest. I always hope that any ambiguities will be resolved directly with me, without unnecessary intermediaries and assumptions. My second area of responsibility is the myClub system, and questions related to it should also be directed directly to me.


In my free time, I play board games, exercise and do aerobics. Theater is also close to my heart. At home, I try to endure the growing pains of two teenagers and guide them towards active adulthood. A little better than yesterday every day.”

Mikko Aspinen


“I’m Mikko Aspinen. A long-time American football enthusiast. My playing career started with Lappeenranta’s Rajaritarit, from which I ended up with Kuopio Steelers and then Tampere Saints. I played all positions during my playing career and have also worked as a coach with almost all positions.


I feel that the sport has given me a lot and my goal is to offer the same opportunities to all hobbyists as have been given to me, which is why I work as a coach and facilitator. My values include equality, respect and competitiveness, which I hope to see in my own actions constantly.”

Jani Järvinen


“I am Jani Järvinen, a founding member of the Saints and an American football player since 1998. My active playing career lasted about ten years, playing the much sought after position of center. Health reasons took me off the playing field, but in 2018 the blood pulled me back to American football. Currently, I am the head of junior coaching and a member of the junior management team, as well as a member of the Saints board.”

Nadja Mattila

Chief of Youth organization