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The Tampere Saints was founded in 1998 to continue the local hobby of American football in Tampere, which began in 1982. Previously, the activity was conducted under the names Tampere Rocks, Tampere Ilves, and Pyynikki Patriots.


The history of the Tampere Saints has been very varied, with great ups and downs, including years at the top of the SM league and relegation to the lowest level, as well as the success stories of their own junior players on international fields.


Over the years, the Saints have grown from a hobby group of a few dozen members to the current club of almost 200 members.
The goal is to promote the opportunities for practicing American football in the Pirkanmaa region.
The club holds guided practices throughout the year and match events for various teams mainly during the summer. The club works with school physical education teachers to develop school physical education classes.


The Tampere Saints is a well-known club for athletes and hobbyists playing American football in Pirkanmaa and Finland.


The foundation for continuity is the training of coaches, high-quality and developing junior work, maintaining Star Club status, and actively recruiting new hobbyists.


In addition to playing, offering a diverse and year-round hobby activity, such as officiating and other club activities, such as officiating and other club activities.




We make sure that all club member gets information related to whole club. Board makes handout to club members after all meetings and decisions that's been maded which include relevant information for members.

Equality and fairness

All players are given an equal opportunity to practice the sport, regardless of the level of the league. All members have the opportunity to influence the operation of the club.

Love for the sport

Motivated coaches and background staff promote the sport. Cooperation across club boundaries for the benefit of the sport. With long-term work, we ensure the continuity of club activities.

Working together

Working as a team makes sure our football games are successful and quality events. Staff and coaches help between our club's different teams.