Veikka Lehtonen Fund

Veikka lehtonen fund

The purpose of the fund is to ensure that children from low-income families can participate in American football. Support is granted on the basis of social and economic criteria.


The fund supports the Tampere Saints’ strategy of ensuring that no one is unable to participate in sports due to lack of funds.


The fund can be used to pay for membership fees or season fees for young members, or alternatively, to help young people purchase equipment.

The Veikka Lehtonen Fund provides assistance in acute need when participating in American football requires financial support. This support may not always be in the form of direct financial assistance, but may also include equipment loans, employment, or guidance to cover the costs of participating in sports and to activate young athletes.


Applications for the fund are processed anonymously by three people: the president of Tampere Saints, the youth manager, and the fund manager.


Support applications are made by the parent or guardian of the child or young person. Support applications are in free form.


Applications should be sent by email:

Donations for the benefit of youth

The Veikka Lehtonen Fund is made up entirely of donations from private individuals and businesses outside of the Saints organization.

Donations to the fund are completely separate from the rest of the Saints’ activities.


You can donate easily in home games and  online store.


Questions about the operation of the fund and donations can be directed to the President of the club, Mikko Aspinen