Are you interested in playing American football in Tampere? You've come to the right place!

Tampere Saints offers excellent facilities for playing American football. Both the men’s and women’s teams are among the top of their respective leagues. Junior activities range from U9 girls and boys to U20. Come and play the world’s greatest sport and develop as an athlete. A place on the team is available regardless of age, size, or skill level.


Feel free to give it a try and see if you have what it takes to be a Saint!


Call or message us on WhatsApp tel. +35844 9792 183


For your first American football practice, you only need to bring sneakers or cleats, sports clothes and a water bottle.


You can get to know helmets, shoulder pads and other equipment with the loan equipment provided by the club, so it is not necessary to buy your own gear yet.


When you are buying your own equipment, it is advisable to contact your teammates, your team’s coaches or the club’s equipment officer.


The first time is free and probably a few more times after that, but in a couple of weeks we expect you to know if American football is for you.


At this point, we will send you a bill for the membership fee, which in 2023 is 30 euros.


On top of this, there is a season fee, which for juniors is under 600 euros, for the women’s team 500 euros + uniform costs, and for the men’s team about 500 euros.

Licenses and insurance

American football is a contact sport, where accidents happen.


Therefore, insurance is mandatory in league games and can be purchased either as part of the license or separately. Insurance purchased separately is usually cheaper, but it is worth discussing with your own insurance company what your personal accident insurance covers.


Although insurance is only mandatory for matches organized by the league, it is advisable to purchase insurance for the training season as well.




Upcoming practices:

You can come to practice for free to try out the sport.

Remember to bring sneakers/cleats and a water bottle.

The women’s team plays at the highest level in the Maple League. In the 2022 season, the Saints placed third in a six-team league.


The women’s team practices on the Pyynikki and Koivistonkylä sports fields during the spring and summer seasons.


During the winter, the focus is on physical training and practicing American football techniques at the Tampere Trade and Sports Center.


Weekly gym training is led by physical trainers Jarkko Welling and Saara Passi at the BU Training Center and the Liikuntakeskus Polte.


New enthusiasts are welcome to join the practice sessions.


Feel free to contact us by email


Upcoming pracrice:

U20 girls practice with the women’s team, except for training camps preparing for matches, which are held within their own team.

The Tampere Saints’ U20 regional team for girls 15-20 years old will participate in the U20 National Championship series held this year, which includes four other girls’ teams from around Finland. The series is played 7 vs 7.

If you are interested in starting American football, please contact us on Instagram or Facebook with a private message or by email.



Janna Hakala

Jeanette Vuorinen

Iida Koivula

Veera Jalava

Eveliina Virtanen


Contact person:

Janna Hakala

The mens team head coach, Hannes Mattila, is responsible for the main team and coaching of U20 team. The U20 team will also train with the men’s team during the 2022-23 season. The team manager is Petriina Jokiniitty.


There was no U-20 boys team for the Saints in 2022. U-20 age players hade the opportunity to play in the men’s or U17 series that summer.


American football is suitable for young people with different sports backgrounds.


There is room for more players in the team, both fast and larger, strong individuals. Welcome!”



The U20 team practices at the same times as the men’s team

The Tampere Saints U17 juniors will continue their cross-team collaboration in 2023 as well. The combined team will be announced in the winter/spring.


The U17 team will play in the 1st division in the 2023 season.


Feel free to ask for more information and join in starting a new and exciting hobby!


More players are being taken into the U17 team! The sport is suitable for young men of all sizes. There is a suitable playing position for everyone!


U17 girls play in the junior team or the women’s representative team.


Head Coach

Henri Toiminen


Team manager

Aila Suomalainen

The team players are born in 2005 and 2006.


Saints players generally practice sport training 3-4 times a week and guided physical training weekly.


If you feel the passion to come to the field and join the team, come and try it out. The sport is suitable for young people of all sizes, girls and boys. There is a suitable playing position for everyone!


Feel free to ask for more information and join in starting a new and exciting hobby!


Head Coach Henri Toiminen

tel. +35845 870 8897


Team manager

Riitta-Liisa Larjovuori

tel. +35850 436 0816

New players, girls and boys, are welcome to join the team.

The team especially needs large and heavy players for the line. There is surely a playing position for everyone.

The Tampere Saints U13 team plays in a tournament format during the 2023 season.


Coaching staff includes:

Head Coach Tuukka Lammi, Assistant coach Juho Angervo and Jarkko Mattila.


Head Coach

Tuukka Lammi


Team manager

Nadja Mattila

tel +35846 6210485

– Learn Football basics –
Summer time football clinic is for 6 to 11- year-old  kids in all gender, sizes and sport backgrounds.

In Koivistonkylä every Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm. Camp starts in May 23th and continues till August.

Camp instructors will be adult players from Tampere Saints, that might have older players from youth teams as an extra hands.

Camp members will only need clothing that suits for moving in outdoors. Own ball or other footballgear woun’t be needed.

Cost 60 € whole summer.

You can participate at the start or hop on during the summer!



Make sure to get a spot by signin up:

More information, tel. +35846 6210485
Participation costs will be carged  in your thirth week of the football clinick.

Contact us