Team info

Men’s team of Tampere Saints represents in second highest league in division one.


Team goal is to build strong base towards success, offer place for athletes to compete in a high level and challenge themselves as a football player.


Tampere Saints men’s representative team’s target is to achieve success on a football field and earn a place on a highest level in men’s Mapleleague, when the time is right for us.


Saints wants to build phat from our youth teams to adults team and make it a goal for starting football players. Goal, to grow as an athlete, compete at a challenging level and opportunity to develop to international level of football.

Kauden 2023 otteluohjelma julkaistaan keväällä.


Marcus Lönnqvist


tel. +358 50 574 5897


Directeur sportif

Laura Suominen


tel. +358 50 912 0859

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